Immersive roulette

Immersive roulette

Without a doubt Roulette is the oldest and most admired casino table game, period. The game is constituted of a spinning wheel, a betting framework and a ball which is indiscriminately dropped into the wheel. The ball in the end lands on a number and that number is the winner. Roulette is very uncomplicated and straightforward to play and luck is one single element that is most crucial for you to win good payouts.

Immersive roulette information

Immersive Roulette is a online live casino experiënce like no other. Here are a few of the statistics for Immersive Roulette.

  • Game Name – Immersive Roulette
  • SoftwareEvolution Gaming
  • Game Type – Live Casino
  • Progressive – No
  • Coin Values – £/€ to £/€
  • Bet Stakes – £/€1.00 to £/€25,000
  • Jackpot – £/€0
  • Payout (RTP per cent) – 97.30 per cent

Roulette has always been a very popular game in the gambling world, live and online. Is was only recently that these two were combined to give people the best of both worlds in Online Live Casinos. Online casinos that offer this feature will give players the opportunity to play real life roulette from the comfort of their homes, the croupier, table and game will be streamed live. Players can bet in real time. It is no wonder this form of roulette has become very popular.

The fact that most of the games are hosted by a few lovely girls just adds to the experience. The game is very similar to other roulette games, it just has an enhance experience. It makes it easy to create your favourite bets or rebet with just one click. It will be played on European wheels most of the time and give good winning odds, everything is aimed at giving the players the best possible experience.

Immersive roulette

Use of cameras

The use of cameras is what really sets immersive roulette apart from any other type of online playing. Where the options for review are usually limited, immersive roulette gives players the opportunity to review everything just as they please, from every angle imaginable. Players can have a lot of influence on the experience they get from the game. Immersive roulette allows players to adapt the camera angles, and shots to their liking. They may choose to lengthen the shots of the attractive croupier or pay extra attention to reruns, the power is with the player.

Play Immersive Roulette just like “normal” roulette

The way the game is played is much the same as it would be with regular online roulette. Using strategies by playing is also possible. Select the amount you want to bet and then choose the numbers or patches you want to bet on. Just like in real life roulette the game is in control of the croupier. She decides when betting is allowed and when the wheel is spinned.

When the wheel is spinned the cameras will follow the ball and provide a close-up slow-motion view of the ball falling into its resting place, so everyone can clearly see what happens. For guidance, the statistics are shown on screen behind the croupier at all times. If you want a more extensive analysis you can always look into the menu. Besides general statistics, it shows the five hottest and coldest numbers. All of this designed to give the player the very best experience possible.

Another thing that makes the experience so complete is the social functions build into the game. It is possible to chat with the croupier and your fellow players at any given time, to truly give you the casino experience wherever you choose to play.