10 Tips to Increase your Chances in Immersive Roulette

10 Tips to Increase your Chances in Immersive Roulette

To help you in the process of winning in roulette, we came up with ten tips to help you get started. Read our tips carefully and make sure you will have a great start by playing Immersive Roulette online.


Tip – 1

Play a roulette table that isn’t too crowded and place your bets on outside ones. There you will have the best oppurtunities for making a profit. This because outside bets deliver a 50/50 chanche of winning.

Tip – 2

Even though you might not get spectacular wins, place bets on outside chances. They cut your risk significantly and help you win over longer periods of time. Which ones you choose (odd, even, black, red, etc.) doesn’t matter.

Tip – 3

Be sure to use European roulette systems and never the American variety. American roulette has double zero’s which greatly increase the profit margins for the casino at a cost of the chances of winning for the players.

Tip – 4

It pays out to view the game from a little distance before starting to play. This could help you discover certain patterns and play regarding to these things you found. If black and odd numbers win ten times straight, it won’t mean it is certain this will happen again (chance is chance) but in practice it often does, and you’ll see that consistently good players pay attention to patterns like this.

Tip – 5

Don’t start playing with a lot of money at a busy table right away. As with so many things: practice makes perfect, and you will only get better if you take some time to learn the game when the pressure is low. Only move on to the ‘more difficult’ tables when you feel confident enough.

Tip – 6

Check the table before playing and focus. Don’t get too distracted or even angry at the croupier. You are playing for yourself and your own profits, you are not by any means in a competition with the casino. Don’t let it get personal and keep your focus.

Tip – 7

Playing online can be a lot of fun and very convenient, but be careful when choosing the right online casino. The most important thing is to be safe. Pick a casino that is transparent about their percentages of payout and has many good reviews. Also be sure that it uses the appropriate programs for selecting their winning numbers. (This way you’ll know that they are not biased.)

Tip – 8

One of the most important and biggest tips for any Roulette player (and everyone who gambles) is to only play with the money you reserved for playing, and never with what you win. Everything you win should be taken aside immediately. For instance; if you figured out the right budget for the evening was 100 dollars, and you win another 100 on your first bet; keep the 100 dollars that you won and play with the rest. When your original budget has run out: stop playing and take your profits home. This way you reduce the risk of losing everything and you have a much bigger chance to end even or with profit. And of course you need to keep in mind not to bet with anything you could not afford to lose.

Tip – 9

This tip won’t work in online casino’s but it is worth the try. Spin the wheel a couple of times to feel if it has any biases. It shouldn’t, but if it does: at least you’ll know about it. This can help you adjust your betting plan accordingly.

Tip – 10

It might help to print these tips so you could take them and review them every now and then. This way you can be certain not to forget anything that could help you win.