How is Immersive Roulette different

How is Immersive Roulette different

It is a question asked by many people and not without reason. A name like that speaks to the imagination. Immersive roulette completely changes the way the game is experienced. It is the new and most sophisticated way of experiencing roulette, as it features several cameras that cover the playing wheel from all angles. This means you get to follow the ball live as it rolls through the wheel.


The camera’s are of incredible quality to give the players the best possible experience. With 200 frames per second they can capture the live game in all its elements. The use of camera’s also creates the possibility to rewind several shots so everyone gets to see what happened to the second. This means that Immersive roulette isn’t all that different from live roulette, it has just enhanced the technology behind it. Anyone who enjoys to play live roulette will certainly be delighted to find the new possibilities of Immersive roulette.
What has Immersive Roulette to offer?

  • A completely different (live) dealing experience
  • Possibility to follow several things at once from multiple angles
  • Video features of exceptional quality
  • A replay in slow-motion to review and evaluate results
  • A way to electronically keep track of statistics

More complete game experience

This new, high-tech technology will completely transform the way online live roulette is perceived. From now on, it will be just as when visiting a casino; just with the added advantage of being able to see everything from multiple angles and replay results in slow-motion.

UK Live Casinos that feature Immersive Roulette

  • LeoVegas Casino
    One of the biggest live casinos in the United Kingdom, and one of the few that offer the possibility to try Immersive Roulette. If you have never been at the LeoVegas Casino, it is possible to get a bonus (1500 pound) to start your Immersive roulette experience on the right foot.
  • Royal Panda
    One of the newer casinos in the UK, and it shows. Always on top and with a state of the art live area that features Immersive roulette. This casino also offers a bonus for new players (100 pounds) to use at whichever game desired.
  • Casumo Casino
    The last casino featured hear is the Casumo Casino, and also one of the top casinos of the UK. Taking some time to find a few promo codes is worth it and may give you up to 1200 pounds of bonus if you deposit.